Your living space reflects your life, feng shui strives to achieve balance in both. Feng shui holds that all objects possess an energy called chi, and that chi can flow though a home and create synergistic harmony. Good Chi leads to heightened levels of well-being. 


Feng Shui starts at the front door. This is considered the "mouth of Chi," and is an essential space for energy to enter. It's important that your front door is welcoming and if you can, open your door to embrace exterior energy.  


Remove all obstacles such as shrubbery, objects, furniture, etc. you want to make the entrance as welcoming as possible. A few tricks to creating the best entrance way are: repair or replace torn screens or blinds, tighten up loose doorknobs, replace worn out doormats, trim and neaten up yard, and fix squeaky hinges. 


A home is no where near it's best state when it is cluttered. For any Feng shui you do at home or at work, make sure that it is as de-cluttered as possible. A cluttered house is equivalent to a cluttered mind. Allow the space to breathe and you will feel more relaxed knowing that it is organized and minimal. Hiding things in the closet does not count as organizing. Don't devalue the power that closets have on energy flow. Things that have been tucked away into secret places symbolize stuff that is taking up space in your mind. 


Plants are incredible multifaceted organisms. Did you know that plants actually breath in CO2 and release oxygen? They are intrinsically purifying and create a sense of peace. So flood your home with natural light, open windows and doors to let fresh air inside, and bring plants indoors. Even photos or paintings of nature reduce stress and give a sense of tranquility. 


Mirrors reflect energy, so position them in places where you want to increase energy flow. If you place a mirror on a wall facing an open window or garden, you will fill the room with that light. "You don't want mirrors to reflect anything low energy or negative, like kitchen trash cans," says Linda Varone, RN, MA, founder of Nurturing Spaces Consulting. 


A bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a home, treat it wisely. This is where one seeks restoration, balance, and peace. Creating a harmonious atmosphere in your bedroom is key to a happy relationship and a restful sleep. Use soft fabrics and fluffy pillows to promote relaxation and don't store things under your bed — shoes, suitcases, books, pictures, and files are too energizing for restful slumber.


The opening of windows let color and light into a home. Without them, a home would be dark and cold. Balance is important, so too many windows can create bad energy just like too few windows.

Here are some important tips about windows and Feng Shui:

Avoid having beds under a window. Beds should never be placed under a window unless there is absolutely no other place to put the bed. In the case there is no where else to put it - a heavy drape should be hung behind the bed to be closed at night.

Don’t face the back of furniture to a window. If you have a large window that captures light, avoid placing the sofa or chairs with their back to the window. This prevents a healthy flow of energy and creates a sense of vulnerability.

Avoid vertical blinds. These blinds are dangerous and send out harsh poison arrows with their large cutting edges. If you have a vertical blind anywhere replace them as soon as possible with a curtain or other type of window covering.

Beautiful views. Many windows offer wonderful views of trees, pretty scenes or nice landscaping. This is especially auspicious. Be sure to look out your windows to see where you can create those kinds of views in your garden or yard. Likewise, if you have a beautiful view, consider adding a mirror opposite that window to double the view!

Keep windows clean. Windows represent how we see our world. They also can create health problems depending on the sector. Keep your windows clean and in good repair to keep your health and well-being safeguarded. 

Balance lighting. Everyone wants light, bright windows today. But when a house is too bright it can create tensions. Anger will flare, nerves will be shot and the family will suffer from too much sunlight. Balance this by adding window coverings that can manage the amount of light coming in. There are a variety of window options to preserve a view and light while taking away glare.